5 Thing Not To Do When Kissing

A couple in loves certainly cannot resist their love, excitement and passion as it shows. Well, kiss is the best way to express your love and it just takes nothing but love. Gifts and things can impress but a kiss expresses. This is the best way to show your love but only at the cost of it is done right .what not to do when kissing5 Thing Not To Do When Kissing

Well a lot of people often mistake in such moments that while turning on the mood the love is just blown away. So guys and girls, love and lovers do not forget or avoid these things while kissing.

  1. Try to keep out the tongue as usually girls do not like to have a long and deep French kiss, until your lips are linked to each other try to keep the tongue out.life_long_kiss_by_yuki_oyu
  2. Avoid taking any Bubss Belch as it can be a definite mood spoils pals. Also people talking burps and farting can also ruin such of the intense mood. Try to avoid things with bad smell as it can be a big mood spoiler.
  3. Do not try to be on call as your parted may disease this. After being deeper into each other and then suddenly breaking off with diverting the attention to phone can take your partner by surprise and even spoil the mood.
  4. Do not kiss your partner harshly or they bite them. Wild kiss might even hurt your partner and even ruin their mood.
  5. Happy and funny couple kissing at red wall background. Image ready for International, World Kissing Day 6 July or Valentine's Day, with copy space for any text or design
  6. Avoid bad jokes with you partner as they are the big mood spoilers and they can even ruin the romance of the partner.

So guys I hope this tip works for you as these are the basic things that you must avoid while expression your love. So always be kiss ready and be expressive… Enjoy reading and keep on voting and commenting.


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5 Thing Not To Do When Kissing
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