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Karin Victoria Silvstedt or simply Victoria Silvstedt was born on 19 September, 1974. She was born in Skelleftehamn, Sweden, and is an actress, model, television personality and singer by profession. She was raised in a family of five with one older sister and one younger brother. She was interested in horseback riding and always wanted to become a veterinarian. However, destiny has planned something else for her and Victoria Silvstedt hot images took her to modeling. She has from then onwards had not running back and saw only success and fame.

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Her beauty and boldness in unparallel and had no match in the industry. Her fan following is huge and she started her career when she got chosen for the Miss World pageant in Sun City, South Africa. Victoria Silvstedt bikini images made it to the top 10 but unfortunately her journey ended there. However, it was the end of her journey in the competition but not in life because from there on she had a new start and the journey is still on with lots of fame and popularity.

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Victoria Silvstedt looks hot in bikini and knows how to handle her stardom with such boldness. She has also been one of the most gorgeous women of Hollywood as her beauty has seen no boundaries. She also went for acting and there also she did wonders and was appreciated for her talent and skills. Being and model and actress, she was involved in other projects as well and received huge recognition from the audiences. Her fan following is increasing day by day with some of the amazing Victoria Silvstedt hot pics that are hot as hell.

She has also been a successful television presenter and has been presenting various successful television shows which are on air with lots of audiences watching them. Her other ventures are designing, reality shows and others where she was also amazing and got fame as well. Victoria Silvstedt hot images are the proof that she has a way hot body to be handled but has some match in the Hollywood-like Kendall Jenner, Taylor Swift, Madonna and others. For more updates on her life, career and images you can subscribe to her official page where you can find all news about her life and upcoming ventures.

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She has been taking the internet by storm with her social media profile that is full of Victoria Silvstedt hot pics. You will see that a huge number of fans are following her there to see just how amazing and stunning she looks and to follow her for more beautiful images of her. You too can follow her on Twitter, Instagram and others and you will see that she has way more cool pics to be uploaded and watched which are uploaded there. All you have to do is follow her and rest you will get all the updates about her.

For more updates about her, keep checking about her in Google and other news media and you will see that she never stays out of limelight.

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