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Ariana Grande is a famous singer and lyricist. She was born on 26 June 1993 in Boca Raton Florida, to Edward Butera and Joan Grande both are of Italian descent. She has grown up in Florida and after getting role of ‘Cat Valentine’ in 2010, she moved to Los Angeles. She is very fond of pets and has a deep love for fans and her won dog, Cocoa as well.You can Watch  Ariana Grande Bikini Images at Pngfever.com

She has become famous and very popular among fans due to her role in Victorious which was released in the year 2010. She is hyperactive and hypoglycemic. Her hair is dyed with red velvet and she is a natural brunette.

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Frankie Grande is her older brother who is 11 years older than Ariana. He is a producer as well as performer and went on tour with her sister ( Ariana) as one of her dancers many times. She is Italian American and has big fan following worldwide. She is basically a vegetarian and after watching blackfish in 2013, she requested her fans to never support SeaWorld. Frank Grande is her grandfather who passed away in the year 2014 due to cancer.


She has also made appearances at many sporting events and made her appearances on record to Victorious. This year, she is busy in promoting My Everything with her first international tour named The Honeymoon Tour and currently as a guest starring in TV serial Scream Queens. She is also remains present in the social media sites and makes her fan updated about her news by sending tweets. Lots of fans are following her on her twitter page.

For music, she has left her high school but continued taking musical classes. The school sent study materials to Ariana Grande to her so that she could study easily with the tutors. She has sang many songs at several times in the New York. She has received many awards during her career for her great performance. She has been nominated for the Grammy Awards for two times and has also won as MTV video music award and a American Music Award.

She has received an award from the Music Business Association for showing excellence during her starting year. In her career, she has nominated for many awards and achieved all of those due to her proper dedication and hard work towards the work. You can explore Ariana Grande wallpapers and she her beauty.

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