Tv Parvati Real Name Sonarika Bhadoria Bikini Pic in HD

We know how life is for the TV actresses and actors. They live two lives on-screen as well as off-screen. And however, as they appear on screen but their personal life is far more different. Sonarika became famous from her on-screen role of Parvati. However, they both are different in real lives. Of course, she cannot behave like the goddess in her real life too how gleamy would that be. But what landed her up in controversy is her new looks. I mean have a look at Sonarika Bhadoria bikini pics.


Well the TV actress, who became famous for her character Parvati in the show Devon Ke Dev Mahadev, has been seen in her new and hot pink bikini avatar. Well, no doubt she is looking absolutely stunning but what made her landing in controversy is her looks. She has been socially banned for revealing her bold avatar… But it should not be this way as a character she has been welcomed but at the same time, she has been snatched away the lifestyles by this photo shoot.

She has stunned everyone with her bold curves and sexy figure and amazingly seeing hit at the beach side. But all she is receiving is a bulk of aggressive and negative messages and replies on the social media website.

Few people or fans are even a business her for this act as they have been used to see her in draped in sarees as Goddess Parvati for a long time. Also, we cannot criticize the possibilities of the fans but their anger doesn’t seem wrong. But they should understand the difference between the personal and the real life.She probably would have thought to expect admiration from her fans but all that she thought of went down the drain.

Have a look at Sonarika Bhadoria Bikini avatar:


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