Watch Sexy List of Top 10 Bhojpuri Actress in Bikini

Bhojpuri films industry is very small in comparison to Bollywood but still it is growing day by day. Mostly earning of Bhojpuri films from  UP and Bihar.  You can watch the huge list of top 10  bhojpuri film actress who make sensational every time there movie release in the theater top 10 Bhojpuri Actress .

Watch top 10 Bhojpuri Actress of 2016 

  1. Rani Chatterjee


2.  Monalisa


3. Anjana Singh:

Anjana Singh


4. Pakhi Hegde

Pakhi Hegde


5. Rinku Ghosh:

Rinku Ghosh


6. Amrapali Dubey Bhojpuri actress

Amrapali Dubey bhojpuri actress

7. Priyanka Pandit Bhojpuri actress:

Priyanka Pandit bhojpuri actress

8. Kajal Raghwani Bhojpuri Actress

top 10 Bhojpuri Actress  Kajal Raghwani Bhojpuri actress


9. Gunjan Pant

top 10 Bhojpuri Actress  Gunjan Pant


10. Subhi Sharma

top 10 Bhojpuri Actress  Subhi Sharma

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