Check Out Ranbir and deepika ka Tamasha Movie Review

Much awaited Ranbir- deepika starrer Tamasha released and I must say it didn’t was fantastic.
The main focus seemed to be on all the scenic beauty of Corsica, cutely dressed locals, breathtaking countryside scenes, picturesque bistros rather than the storyline. The first half was just like beautiful paintings on the wall. It has many stories to tell and you can stare at it for hours. But it doesn’t reveal much on itself.



Tamasha Movie Review

In the ‘la-la land’ Corsica, Tara (Deepika PaduKone) and Ved (Ranbir Kapoor) meet while being on a holiday. They decide to turn up a little fun and not to reveal their real names and identity which could trace them back to their lives.


So Ranbir gets a little nasty and tells Deepika to not to be a “touch-me-not-woman’ and tells her ‘kameenapan nahi karunga’. So Deepika loosens it up a li’l bit. And whats’s next? Like every other Bollywood movie, she starts feeling for Ved.


It was all so predcitable for a Bollywood movie. After a monotonous first half, I was a kind of bored. But in the second half, the plot caught up its pace. Tara traces back Ved to delhi. And what she witnessed there blew her off.

Ved is a product manager trying to save his ass just by being a well-mannered gentleman. He was no longer care-free and totally no fun. Ved who was fascinated by stories and theatre got all lost in the materialistic and ‘trying-to-be-perfect’ society atmosphere. He lost his unique aroma and now was one of the whole lot. Tara decides to leave Ved on his own but love keeps her back.

The chemistry and make-believe perfectness was definitely missing between Deepika and Ranbir Kapoor. Despite the brilliant mind of director Imtiaz Ali, the characters didn’t touch the hearts of the audience as much.

It was so visible that Deepika and Ranbir were trying too hard to play their parts. There was absence of passion, chemistry and spark of love.

There were just two scenes which i could rate awesome.

One, Ved standing in front of the mirror talking to himself.

Second, Ved telling his story to his family.

Rest of the film was not just Ok and I rate it as 3.5/5.

YOu can watch the trailer of Tamasha

Check Out Ranbir and deepika ka Tamasha Movie Review
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