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Bollywood‘s sexiest star Sunny Leone’s life is a favorite topic for all to gossip about. Sunny Leone sexy photos and wallpapers are among the top internet search topics in India making her one of the most famous Indian celebs. From adult movies to top Bollywood projects, from seductive and slinky item numbers to sexy ads and commercial photo shoots, Sunny rules them all. Sunny Leone who is also known as Karenjit Kaur Vohra was born on May 13, 1981. Undoubtedly she has been one of the most sexiest and hot Bollywood actresses till date. Don’t Forget to watch our best 201 Sunny leone Sexy Photo from all over the internet.


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She is the queen of all the Bollywood hot item numbers and definitely the Laila who has been taking away the breath undoubtedly. She is hot and sexy with her really bold and seductive assets. As we speak about her sexiness, we have already seen in a Bollywood item number popularity number. After that a lot of transformations have taken place in Sunny Leone. Let us go through the life journey of Sunny Leone and her work in progress. As we all know Sunny Leone is not her real name but since going down profession of the porn industry she has to take an anonymous name to continue.

Sunny Leone Sexy Photos

Sunny also had a very rough scratch for the beginning of her journey. She has named herself as Sunny Leone who is an Indian Canadian actress and she has also been a model, and former porn star with an American citizenship. Apart from the two names that she has been using she has also uses another name which is Karen Malhotra for the stage.


Sunny Leone Sexy Photos

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Sunny Leone is the ‘most search name’ on Google. The Big boss show audience raised their eyebrows when the show host decided to invite porn star from America as a contestant. The transition from adult industry to Bollywood was not a cake walk for this baby doll. Karan veer Vohra (Sunny Leonne) belonged to Sikh family residing in Ontario and Los Angeles. The conservative girl became a bold and beautiful porn star in America.

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The sultry Baby doll however not only resided in India thereafter she entered the glamorous industry with signing umpteen films. Her first film Jism 2 was a career decider for her whether she would stay in India or return to her old sin industry. Although her Movie was not hit at the box office; many directors were impressed by the charm spell by Sunny in the industry. She was seen in many of the films thereafter, her famous song Baby Doll was a sign for her that Indian audience has accepted this lady as a part of Bollywood.Sunny Leone Sexy Photos

sunny-leone-hot Sunny-Leone-Spicy-Photo


She made her entry in the Bollywood industry in 2011 with the Big Boss show and at present she hosts the popular Indian reality show Splitsvilla. She also worked for MTV Music Awards on MTV India that made her one of the most popular faces. Also, she was nominated to do a cameo in ‘Kalyug’ by Mohit Suri for which she demanded $1 million. The budget was too high so the director declined the offer. On the other hand, she was the top female pornstars of 2010 and even she did some social works like rescuing injured dogs saving their lives however, she has phobia to insects.


As you climb the steps of success there are people who start talking about you, so Sunny was no different to escape from the sarcastic and rude comments made on her by other Bollywood struggler or may be item dancer. Rakhi Sawant is famous for her nonsense comments, she has stated that ‘Sunny go back this is my India and you have no rights to be here and enter Bollywood’. Recently Poonam Pandey also said do not compare her with Sunny Leone as she wants to be like legendary stars Madhuri, Rekha etc. Amir Khan and many actors has always supported Sunny Leone in her decisions and during her tough times. Sunny has handled this with grace by ignoring such comments. She made many fiends but also enemies in her breakthrough career.Sunny Leone Sexy Photos

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Sunny was seen recently in Splits villa season as a host to the show and have gained much of the love and acceptance from the TV show. It is always seen in interviews how she is trolled by the journalist by dragging her past to the level which she may be guilt of? But again the bold and beauty with brains actress nails every time a journalist shoots a question about her past life or personal life.

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Recently she was a brand ambassador for The PETA group. She was seen in an advertisement holding a dog and spreading a message every animal has right to live and do not harm them for personal benefits.Sunny Leone Sexy Photos

It is often known that all celebrities join hands together when it comes to create awareness about the social welfare. Recently Sunny Leone was spreading awareness of Breast cancer along with Pink Actress Tapasee Pannu. They were saying detection is better than cure.

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Sunny was also a brand ambassador for ringing bells loyalty cards. The organization base at Naiad and who were once in the headlines for bringing smart phones at cheap rates.

One cannot be wrong in saying that the attitude determines how long you stay in a certain place. Had she been rough, aggressive or upfront she would have not survived neither respected. It takes a real great deal to be sunny Leone it cannot be any girl’s cup of tea.


Sunny was also seen in her sexy avatars in many of her films like Jism2, Ek paheli Leela , MAstizade, Ragini MMS, Jackpot, one-night stand and the list may go on and on.Sunny Leone Sexy Photos


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Sunny Leone’s brother is getting married and here is what she said to him on this special occasion…Watch Sunny leone Sexiest Kissing Scene

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Sunny Leone’s brother Sundeep Singh is getting married a few days from now. He is tying the knot with Karishma Naidu and the couple is very excited about it.

So is Sundeep’s sister Sunny! In a recent interview Sunny showed her excitement about his brother’s marriage and said “My brother means the world to me and I always want him to be happy.
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God bless them and their journey together. “ She said that she is very happy for her brother and wished the couple loads of happiness and prosperity.

She was happy that finally her brother found someone so special and would love to see them grow old together. Here is what Karishma, the bride, recently posted on twitter expressing her happiness on the engagement “I get to keep you for a lifetime and my heart jumps with joy…
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You are my forever sunshine. I will love you today, tomorrow and endlessly lover.

Lucky and blessed enough to say that I’m getting married to the man of my dreams <3 <3 #isaidyes #Engaged #Foreverlove #myoneandonly”. She posted this along with a pic where Sundeep was on his knees proposing his significant other.Sunny-leone-Hot-HD-bikni-image

Sunny has reportedly stopped working for a few weeks in preparation for the marriage ceremony along with hubby Daniel Weber. She was busy shooting for Beiiman Love alongside Rajneesh Duggal. But she took a break from it to be with her family for this special occasion.

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Sunny Leone Sexy Photos

She will resume her work only after the ceremony is over. Sunny Leone sexy photo along with her brother are making the rounds in Bollywood buzz world. Here are some of the pics of the couple:

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Sunny Leone Sexy Photos

Sunny Leone Sexy photos gone cold???

Looks like Bollywood has some bad news for the sex-bomb of Bollywood Sunny Leone! Looking at the recent statistics, Sunny Leone movies are constantly tanking at the box office. With very low collection and no positive critic reviews, her movies are turning into huge flops.

Her name still turns heads but people are not finding her that sexy anymore. Owing to her reduced sex appeal, less people are opting for her movies.Sunny Leone Sexy Photo

In a recent interview for HuffPost, Sunny was asked the reason behind her movies not doing that well now a days. Even she is clueless about it! On being asked if it is because of her constant preference to scripts with sex and tacky story lines, she went all defensive of her choice of movies.

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She said “I really have no idea what the audience is liking and that perhaps is part of the problem” she defended herself saying that not all movies work that well and only a few make it to the top.

Here are her exact words on the interview “You know, I don’t have a mentor in Bollywood. I just go by my gut feeling about scripts that I like. Some movies are going to work and then there are going to be some that won’t work. If you look at the last 10 movies [that have released], how many of them have actually made money?


What’s the percentage of that? It’s an industry where the success ratio is pretty less, 20 per cent or 30 per cent at best. So what does an actor do? We can’t stop making movies and stop following our dreams and passions because there is a shift in the taste of the audiences, can we?”

With her latest movie One Night Stand, Sunny Leone sexy photos started making buzz again but the movie flopped. Though it got better reviews from the critics in comparison to her previous movies, still it did not perform well.

People are tired of seeing her in the same old sexy and raunchy look and Sunny Leone sex appeal is reducing is what they have to say. Hope to see her in some different role in her upcoming movie Beiiman Love.


Sunny’s new song ‘Hug Me’ is quite a tempting one ,Sunny Leone Hottest HD Pics Gallery

Sunny Leone recently released a teaser of her new song from her upcoming movie opposite Rajneesh Duggal named Beiiman Love.

The song is anmed ‘Hug Me’ and it literally tempts you to hug Sunny in it! It is sung by famous singer Kanika Kapoor who had previously worked with Sunny on various songs like Baby Doll and Pink Lips. The song is composed by Raghav Sachar. She looks stunning in the teaser and the teaser is making her fans go all gaga over her!


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Who is the cutest of them all…Sunny Leone Hot Photo in Pink Color

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We all know Sunny Leone as the hot bombshell of Bollywood. Be it Sunny Leone sexy photo or Sunny Leone item numbers all of things associated with her name set the temperature soaring high but guess what, a famous director in Bollywood finds her cute too!

Sunny Leone hot and Sexy images:


Recently Sunny released a childhood pic of hers in which her late father was holding her in his arms on Father’s day. Sunny looked so damn cute that she grabbed many eyeballs and even the attention of Bollywood director Ram Gopal Verma. Ram Gopal Verma shared the pic with tagline

“The cutest kid I ever saw in my life.” Then Verma felt that it might be inappropriate to do that without tagging Sunny. So he shared the pic on twitter again saying [email protected] You are the cutest baby,I have ever seen ..Feel like tweeting u a chocolate.” To this Sunny replied “Thank you Sir! Oh and I love chocolate :)”



Not limiting to this she was also named as the Penthouse Pet of the Year in 2003. It was actually a contract performed for the Vivid Entertainment, and it was actually named by Maxim as one of the top porn stars in 2010.

Being a porn star definitely means that she has the bold and Beautiful assets to flaunt. Therefore as soon as Ekta Kapoor launched Sunny Leone it was nothing special for her to come in the list of the hottest actresses of Bollywood soon. The food coming to Bollywood industry he has also played Minnie rules for the film and Television. Her first main stream appearance was actually in the year 2005 where she work as a red carpet reporter for the event organized by MTV which was MTV video MUSIC awards.

Sunny Leone Sexy Photos

Sunny Leone Sexy Photos

Sunny Leone Sexy Photos

She also hosts another amazing show on MTV which was splistvilla. He was also casted in her first Bollywood debut by Pooja Bhatt which was Jism2 in the year 2012. Letter on C shift it a main string acting career that was followed up by the following films

  • Jackpot in the year 2013
  • Ragini MMS 2 ND Year 2014
  • Ek Paheli Leela in the year 2015

Sunny may not have been able to make A Remarkable stand in the mainstream Bollywood industry but definitely she has worked in and out to make her appearance worth. She has been linked up with various campaigns which include the rock and roll Los Angeles half marathon which was arranged to raise up some money for the American cancer society. Sunny has been a wonderful actress and she has remained until now the best Bollywood item number dancer apart from her main stream acting skills. She has also come up with various skills and just developed a lot with her writing too. You may purchase the book online and get it a review.


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