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This is a jaw-dropping news that is doing the rounds in the Bollywood buzz world right now! Rumours has it that Sunny Leone bikini are not hot anymore. Bollywood sex bomb and former adult movie star Sunny Leone has often been in news owing to her sexy looks in movies, raunchy item numbers in several movies and the famous Sunny Leone bikini look in ads and commercials.

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1. Sunny leone Look So Hot in Black Bikini Pics



At first news about a porn star making into big Bollywood movies made her popular. Her sex appeal and her wide fan base make her one of the most popular stars in India.

2.Sunny Leone Look So Hot in White Bikini



3. Sunny Leone Look So hot in black bikini Picture



But you must have noticed that even though she receives a lot of hype and her name is always in the news for numerous reasons, her movies do not perform that well. Sunny Leone bikini looks in the movie Mastizaade and her sexy look in her latest movie One Night Stand drew a lot of attention during the trailer launch of the movies.

4.Sunny Leone Wear Silver Color Bikini Dress


5 .Sunny Leone Wear Blue Color Bikini For Manforce Condom



Sunny leone new Bikini Photoshoot

Her songs became massive hits. But the movies bombed at the box office. If you watch the trend of her last 7-8 movies you can find that none of them have performed even above average level at the box office raising questions about her sex appeal. Last year two of her movies released;

6. Sunny Leone Bikini Photo Shoot for Condom Ads


If you watch the trend of her last 7-8 movies you can find that none of them have performed even above average level at the box office raising questions about her sex appeal. Last year two of her movies released;

7. Sunny Leone Hot Figure in  Bikini Photos:


Kuch Kuch Locha Hai and Ek Paheli Leela. Both the movies had less revealing scenes but still performed poorly at the box office. Even Sunny herself is clueless of why her movies are not performing well.
Sunny is currently busy promoting the new Splitsvilla season that she is hosting alongside Rannvijay Singh. The star was very excited about the show and how it promotes women power.

8.Sunny Leone Sexy Bikini Photoshoot Pic for Condom Ads


In a recent interview of hers, she was asked about why her movies are not performing that well at the box office. Is her sex appeal not that appealing anymore?? Or is it for some other reasons?


9. Sunny Leone Bikini Photoshoot with Horse 


Sunny said, “You know, I don’t have a mentor in Bollywood. I just go by my gut feeling about scripts that I like. Some movies are going to work and then there are going to be some that won’t work. I really have no idea what the audience is liking and that perhaps is part of the problem.”

10. Sunny Leone Look Killer in Two Piece Bikini 


Even though she was worried about her reducing success in Bollywood, she was still optimistic about her career saying that every year most of the movies do not perform well. Only a few stand out of the crowd and become blockbusters. So instead of getting depressed by this fact and crying over it, it is better to keep going.

11.Sunny Leone Blue Bikini Photos from Jism Movie


She said “If you look at the last 10 movies [that have released], how many of them have actually made money? What’s the percentage of that? It’s an industry where the success ratio is pretty less, 20 per cent or 30 per cent at best. So what does an actor do? We can’t stop making movies and stop following our dreams and passions because there is a shift in the taste of the audiences, can we?”

12. Sunny Leone Wear Blue Bikini with White Coat 


On being asked about why she always chooses movies with poor story lines or raunchy movies with sexual content in the background, she said that One Night Stand was not one such movie.

13. Sunny Leone Sexy Bikini From Mastizade Movie


Even though most of us won’t agree to this statement of hers because the movie was solely marketed on the basis of the huge sexual content of the movie.

14.Sunny Leone HD Bikini Images in Red Color


The trailer and the songs shows many sexy love making scenes thus putting it into her raunchy movie list. But Sunny believes it is something different that she tried with One Night Stand because it was primarily based in gender-based stereotypes.


15. Sunny Leone Wear bikini while cash wash scene in Mastizade


She sternly opposed the fact that it was a raunchy sex-based movie by saying “For me, my goal with One Night Stand was accomplished as I reached out to different people and different critics, many who would ordinarily slam most of my past films. People who’ve never said nice about me wrote something positive”.

16 Sunny Leone Look Hot in Bikini on Holiday:


Though most of her critics hated the movie and gave negative remarks just like her previous movies, some gave her a positive feedback seeing that she has tried a slightly different genre of movie this time.

17. Sunny Leone Natural Bikini Image from Mastizade:



One Night Stand 2016 Sunny Leone Original Scene Movie Hot Scene


Sunny leone Fuck scene in One Night Stand

18.Double Role Sunny Leone both in Bikini Pic



Hot Sunny Leone In Wet Clothes Shooting for Kamasutra Condom Ad

Her movie Virtual Vivid girl She won AVN Award. At first, she only performed lesbian sex scenes. She has worked with Jenna Jameson, Aria Giovanni, Adriana Sage, Tera Patrick etc. In 2007,Sunny leone Sexy Bikini Wallpapers.

she agreed to work with male co-star but only with her fiancé Matt Erikson. After going for a breast augmentation surgery she did Sunny loves Matt under the new contract with Vivid. By 2008, she opted for other male co-stars like Tommy Gunn and James Deen. In 2009, she started her own studio named Sunlust Pictures along with Daniel Webber.


19.Very Hot Yellow color Bikini images of Sunny Leone


The interview got heated up which turned her defensive mode on. “I keep a tab on people who write negative things about me — and then I quickly mix them off my list. If you don’t have like one nice thing to say about a movie, you should probably take a break from watching movies for a month or so and then come back.

That’s really your perspective. I beg to differ.” is what she said defending her integrity and people’s negative remarks on her career. The HuffPost interview seems to have hurt her sentiments as it seemed like the questions were an indirect insult to her career.

20.Sunny Leone look very hot in Pure White Color Bikini Pic.

sunny leone bikini wallpaper

She may be doing movies more in the sex genre mainly because that is one her plus points. A sexy bod and widely popular fan base due to her adult movies of the past must have made her realize that doing movies with sexual content might give her more success. But unfortunately her recent movies are not agreeing with this idea.Sunny leone bikini

The most probable reason behind this might be people getting tired of seeing her in the oh-so-hot looks. It is making her roles quite monotonous leading to a drastic reduction in her sex appeal. People used to go to her movies just to watch her go all dirty in it. But it seems people are getting tired of it.


21. Very Hot Sexy Red Bikini Pic of Sunny Leone with Randeep Huda


After watching her in adult movies followed by sexy condom ads and other commercials, people are looking for something new in her.Sunny leone bikini

Hope she finds it out soon coz we do not want to miss her for long. Even though her movies are not working that well now a days but her positive attitude towards it makes us fall in love with her more and more…

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