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Very few might know this Sonnalli Seygall; she is the actress that we have been watching in Pyaar Ka Punchnama. The movie got a lot of appreciation as it was quite a fun treat to enjoy and watch the live cum love style of the couples. Well, there is this dialogue CHAL JHOOTHI that seems to be caught her up in the buzz of the social media. Her fan page seems to be buzzing all with this title and she has also been receiving rave reviews from the fans for her character in the film. The dialogue seems to be over bursting the laughter of joy among the fans.  Where she seems to be walking on air with the success of Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2, she also got no regrets to be called as a Jhoothi.


Watching her in the movie has been a treat and she is bold enough to give out the sexy pose in the bikini. Have a look at Sonnalli Seygall in bikini. The movie Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2 seems to have a chord with everyone, especially, the young couples, who can just easily relate to the small quarrels and catchy dialogues and also the best comic timing of the situations in the film. The most favorite dialogue became Chal Jhoothi but we cannot forget the speech on the Ungli… Bollywood seems to be presenting utter comic sensed with such speeches one has been in three idiots and the other one rang here.

The film is a comic drama based on a simple day to day routine and fun life of the couples basically guys are shown as the victims of the love , I think do this happens in real life too..Girls, what do you think?  Have been the picture seems to criticize a lot …well do post your comments and share as much as you can.


Download All New Collection of Sonnalli Seygall bikini:

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