Sidharth Malhotra to step in Hritik’s footsteps for the movie Kalank

Well, Hrithik seems to be all time favorite; therefore, many actors are following the footsteps of Hrithik. The upcoming talent of Bollywood, Sidharth seems to be particular for the  upcoming movie Kjo’s Kalank

Hrithik and Sidharth seem to be the two main leads of the movie as per the sources. So seems like this partition period drama can get down the line. Earlier it was only him to be cast in the lead role but he thought of giving priority to Mohenjo Daro, which according to him is the best movie of his career. And reportedly Kjo has approached Sidharth Malhotra and he seems to be really excited about the proposal.karan-johars-house

Also before Kjo finalized Sidharth, seems like he has also approached Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor too to play the lead. Hrithik has been the prior concern to Kjo but seems like he has been really busy for the other projects. But he has been also in the lead role for the film Shuddhi.

Well, this will be the second time that it will be happening for Sidharth as he was also approached for the movie Bang Bang but Hrithik fits in the date right.


A chew on the story:

The story of Kalank is a live story framed in the background of partition. However the lead heroine is still not finalized but Kareena and Sonam have been approached and both seems to be really busy with the ongoing projects. Kjo seems to be really attached with the movie as his dad grew up in Lahore and the story reminds him a lot of his father, Yash Raj. So he really wants to complete this project. And for him his research ends up on Sidharth.

The project will soon start… Are you guys waiting? check some popular wallpaper of Sidhart:



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Sidharth Malhotra to step in Hritik’s footsteps for the movie Kalank
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