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Shana Sand was born on September 2, 1971. She is an American actress and Playboy magazine’s Playmate of the Month in the year 1996 May edition. When she was five years old she started learning jazz, ballet and theatre and after reaching the age of 11 she was enrolled in The School of Creative and Performing Arts. After reaching the age of 13 she received a dance scholarship in Salt Lake City, Utah with Ballet West. Shauna Sand hot bikini images are doing rounds around the internet giving chills to her fans. She has also done a porn movie with Vivid Entertainment named Shauna Exposed.

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She started doing modeling when she was nine years old. Later on taking a break from modeling and went to Paris to pursue a Bachelors of Degree in International Business Administration from The American University of Paris. Her acting career started with TV show Renegade and also appeared in TV shows like Charmed and in a comedy movie The Deviants in the year 2004. In the first three seasons of Hollywood Girls she played the role of the main antagonist from year 2012 to 2014. You will find Shauna Sand hot bikini pictures in various websites where she is seen flaunting her sexy body.


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In the year 1996 she married to Lorenzo Lamas and was divorced in the year 2002. She had three children from that her marriage named Alexandra Lamas in 1997, Victoria Lamas in 1999 and Isabella Lamas in 2001. However, she has still maintained herself in the most amazing way and what else that Shauna San hot bikini pics can tell you about that. She then married twice with Romain Chavent and was divorced in 2008 and then to 25-year-old Laurent Homburger in January 2011 with whom she had lots of issues and filed a divorce four months later.

No matter what she has been through but she still maintains to be in the list of hot celebrities that include Ashley Benson, Avril Lavigne, Amber Rose and others. You can see Shauna San hot bikini pictures in various social media platforms where she is an active user. She also appeared in Botched the plastic surgery show where she wanted to get rid of keloid scarring because of previous breast augmentation. At that point of time Drs. Dubrow and Nassif informed her about her pregnancy and told her to wait for nine months post which she had an unexpected miscarriage.

Even after so many ups and downs she still maintains herself and still flaunts a bikini and if you don’t believe then check out Shauna Sand hot bikini pics. You will be stunned to see how amazingly she manages herself and how gorgeous she looks. You too can follow her on social media and can also subscribe to her official website where you will get to see some of her exclusive photos which are not on any website and will make you go crazy. So, without wasting further time, start following her and be the stylish woman like her.


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