Check Out Shahrukh Khan New Fan Movie Teaser 2

Here is the good news for the fans of SRK as the new upcoming romantic movie “FAN” is going to release on 15th April 2016. Shah Rukh Khan’s movie ‘Fan’ is going to be a unique movie having a unique storyline of a fan being a look alike of his most-loved star.

According to the report, the film director Maneesh Sharma would have been recreating SRK’s character of ‘Darr’ which was an obsessive and a psycho lover in the film. It would be somehow difficult to SRK to show that character after many years.


As we all know that SRK always shows something different. So in this movie also, he has a unique character and double role. Shah Rukh’s young avatar (Gaurav) is very surprising and brilliantly crafted by the make-up department.


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The fan is a story of 20-year-old young boy Gaurav (SRK’s fan) who is mad to meet his idol. His life revolves around him only. He was stuck to a work that is Aryan Khanna the mega movie star (SRK) and even considers him God. Gaurav decides to wish his ‘God’ on his birthday and started his journey from Delhi to the city of dreams and struggle-Mumbai.

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It is quite difficult for the biggest fan to get an audience with world’s biggest star. When the things go according to the plan we feel the same love and passion for someone but if things don’t go accordingly the love and passion turns into dangerous obsession. This happens with the Gaurav also and his love turns into obsession.


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On his 50th birthday, Shah Rukh Khan tweeted about the movie and he wrote on Twitter: “2 days as I turn 50 I turn 25 again -for all the years of love you have given me, I give you my most heartfelt creation. Gaurav the FAN.U & I are a Belief.”


Time and again, Shah Rukh has maintained that this is one of the most heartfelt films he has worked on. Well, we can see that.



Check out Fan Movie Teaser 2

Check Out Shahrukh Khan New Fan Movie Teaser 2
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