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Ana Ivanovic was born on 6th November 1987. She is a Serbian professional tennis player who has also been ranked as No. 25 in the world by the Women’s Tennis Association on the 22nd February. Undoubtedly as much Ana has the interest in sports she is equally dedicated to being sexy too. This exotic brunette dived into a pool of pink tennis balls for one of her most memorable photo shoots in tennis history. The photos look amazingly hot and Ana Ivanovic hot photos become viral when these were out!


Also, this Serbian tennis star wishes to be much more being athletic and that is what also ends her in the super sexy photo shoot.  Ana Ivanovic hot Bikini have also become a part of Google Searches these days which is also gaining a lot of views and downloads. She ranked #1 worldwide in women’s tennis in 2008, and also got her name added in the Time list of the 100 greatest players of all time.

Sexiest Collection of Ana Ivanovic Hot Bikini Images in full HD:


ana_ivanovic_bikini_pool Ana-Ivanovic-bikini-black Ana-Ivanovic-bikini-pic ana-ivanovic-bikini Ana-Ivanovic-black-hot Ana-Ivanovic-hot-bikini Ana-Ivanovic-hot-images

Ana-Ivanovic-hot-photo ana-ivanovic-hot-photos
Ana-Ivanovic-hot-picture Ana-Ivanovic-hot-pictures
Ana-Ivanovic-hot-wallpapers Ana-Ivanovic-hot Ana-Ivanovic-nude-hot-pic

Undoubtedly when her career is at a peak in her early thirties she is sure to turn her womanly side on. She is not just limited to pack of rackets and balls but Ana Ivanovic bikini pictures just reveal much more. She is an aggressive baseliner and also has a powerful service. Her serve once reached a speed of 201 km/h (125 mph) that was actually the fifth fastest in the world. However it was proved to be unreliable due to technical errors.



At the age of five this girl was sure enough to set up her career in tennis and the one who inspired this little star was Monica Seles, a fellow Yugoslav. Ana worked hard to be the part of the tennis club and ended up really well with the tournaments held.



She undoubtedly is not shy of what she wear and unlike other athlete this girl, she knows how and what to show off. Ana Ivanovic half nude pic reveal the sexy curves that also made her end up in the researches of the Google making her under the list of the top #15 hit Steelers in the world.


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Is sport limiting the sex appeals of the female stars?

Well the question really worried me often but seeing Ana Ivanovic in bikini I do not find that this girl is no sexy. She is hell of a bomb and no one can say that a sports person especially females cannot look like other sexy models.

In contrast they are ones who are having toned body style and structure that adds on to the sex appeal and Ana being one of my favorites dress up according to her body structure that flaunts all her body part in a sexy avatar.

You can now zoom in and zoom out and download the pics with just a single click right away. Do comment and share the post!

Ana Ivanovic Hot bikini

Ana Ivanovic Hot


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