Is sex a better exercise for keeping the body fit?

We all have been very conscious about our health and to match the metro lifestyle it is extremely necessary that we work hard, so that makes out very less chance for work out. And also couples seems to spend less time with their love and usually because of excess fatigue they tend to be stressed that might cause conflicts in the relation. shutterstock89251513

Sex is the best bay to show loves, and we all know that a kiss makes to burn 80 calories, so definitely sex can give a lot more to it. When a person works all day long then it is definite that the bit of time left for him, he will certainly like to sleep or enjoy, and even many doctors say that having sex once a week gives no harm and is beneficial for health.

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Talking about sex, one would enjoy if the women keeps up the spark of the life, and women who are much shy and introvert and are not in with the culture will certainly create a big cause of conflict in their mood.

Have not we know that many men after marriage tend to attract towards other women and that is only because the love and physical relation that they expect is not given to them at home. We have also calculated stats and got to know that doing sex helps to bring out the positive essence of the bond and also helps in muscular exercise.


So it is necessary that the couple enjoys the sex and also opt for different poses to make it more lusty and wild. Sex helps in making the bond grow deeper and stronger, so let the love spread and make love to your partner anytime you want, as this exercise requires just a mutual consideration and nothing else.

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Is sex a better exercise for keeping the body fit?
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