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Sabrina Sato Rahal (born October 4, 1981) is a Brazilian comedian and television personality. She was a contestant on Big Brother Brasil 3 (2003) and is a current comedian on comedy program Pânico na TV (since 2003).

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Big Brother Brasil and early career In 2003, she was cast in Big Brother Brasil 3, finishing sixth overall. Sabrina reclaimed celebrity by joining Pânico, a comedy troupe that hosts a homonymous radio show on the popular youth-focused radio station Jovem Pan. In the show, Sabrina made fun of her own intellectual limitations and her Caipira accent. Pânico na TV

In September 2003, a pretty popular radio show in Brazil, Pânico, acquired its own television show, named Pânico na TV, which premiered on Rede TV. Sabrina became the show’s main reporter, normally pulling risky or unusual tricks, such as having her body covered with bees, lighting candles by fart, being buried alive, allowing a scorpion to sting her on her bare backside, belching the lyrics to songs/ stories, and even eating bugs.


In 2006, she made headlines by announcing she would leave Pânico. Soon after she released her first single, “É Verdade” (her catchphrase and also “It’s true” when translated), talking about her departure. Later, she came back to the show later on and it was revealed that everything was just a publicity stunt. She posed nude twice for Playboy Brasil, being the first Asian Brazilian to be on the cover.