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Talking about actresses every nation has its own beauty. India being a secular one is blessed to have an entire set of beautiful heroine that we in love with but certainly talking about other nation there are also some beautiful talent that are not yet revealed. Taking about Hollywood then it would not be fair enough to say that the actresses are not hot. Of course they are and that is why they are among the list of the hottest women but a beauty that we have not been much aware off is the Pakistani hot actresses.


Hollywood, Tollywood and Bollywood these are among that film house that we are apparently known to bit what about the section that is right across the border and we are not even aware of. Talking about the sexy and hot Pakistani actresses of Tollywood we would be providing you a list of the top hot actresses of Pakistan. The list goes form by ascending order to let the ratings be as follows

  1. Mawra Hocane

She couldn’t receive much publicity and rose for a very short period of time. But her effective acting in Ek Tamanna Lahasil Si as a bahu made tears roll down the cheeks.

Mawra Hocane

  1. Sana Javed

This cheeky plum girl Appeared in the hot TV sitcom Pyare Afzal. If you are a fan of Zindagi channel then you might be aware of her acting skills too.

Sana Javed

  1. Maya Ali

She appeared in movies like Aiknayi Cinderella, Zid, Diyar e Dil, Shanakht and Mera naam Yousuf hai and has won the hearts of many artists and audience too.

Maya Ali

  1. Sajal Ali

She is also known as the queen of eastern beauty and stole hearts by her innocent face. She made her debut from Mehmood abad ki Malkain and later appeared in many Tv shows.

Sajal Ali

  1. Ushna Shah

She can be said as the sexy addition to the film industry. She got awarded as a best actress for the drama Hum Teray Gunahgaar.

Ushna Shah

  1. Saba Qamar

She has been a heartthrob of millions of hearts and won award for her outstanding performance in Jinnah kay Naam.She has been a successful model as well as an actress too. She has also Ben a part of many TV serials and drama. Her perfect height is the perfect feature that makes her look very enticing.

Saba Qamar

  1. Sohai Abro

She is one of the hottest and sexiest female artists in the industry. She made her debut with Saat Pardon Main and then alter seen in Pyare Afzal.

Sohai Abro


  1. Ayeza Khan

She has been as sweetheart form the Pyare Afzal. And made her debut from tum jo mile.

Ayeza Khan



She is a leading Pakistani actress as well as VJ. She has been famous all over the continent. And in other places she is known by the other famous pen name of Sara Lorean. The most beautiful part of her us her eyes.



She is a rising star of the industry and she has been a part of many TV serials and got positive feedbacks. She is extremely stylish and beautiful and being a VJ she has got a grooming personality too.



She is one of the sexiest models of Pakistan and has been famous among many Asian countries. She became popular in very a short period of time, being very young. And apart from this she has also step in to the singing.





She has been said to be the Barbie doll of the Pakistani industry. And after all her beauty has been a mirror image of the same and she has been famous and favorite model of all the fashion designers of Pakistan.



She us a very versatile actress and also with a great actress she is amazing singer too. This is what makes her unique among other artists. And the best thing about her is that she is extremely dedicated to her work.



This actress is really a dazzling and dangling beauty of the industry. Her dressing sense and fashion and different attired is what makes her look unique and different.251262-sanam-saeed


This beautiful girl is extremely talented and the best features about this girl are her innocent smile and that is what makes her face a prominent feature for her innocence.SYRA YOUSUF


She is a blessing in disguise for the TV industry. She is perfect and suitable for every character she wishes to join in. And with a gorgeous personality she has become famous and favorite to all.



Here is the Some Sexy Images of Pakistani hot actresses 

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