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Aleksandra Ola Jordan, earlier known as Aleksandra Grabowska and professionally known as Ola Jordan was born on September 30, 1982 in Legionowo in Poland. She is a professional Polish ballroom dancer who appeared in a British TV show as a professional named Strictly Come Dancing from 2006 to 2015.ola-jordan-bikini-images1 ola-jordan-bikini


After she won a championship in her native in Poland, she moved to England and started a new partnership with James Jordan whom she married later on October 12, 2003. Both of them currently reside in Maidstone in England. However she is not only famous for her dancing but she is also known popularly for her bikini images that are doing round over the internet. You can check Ola Jordan bikini images on the internet and can also subscribe to see more.
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Since the age of twelve, Ola started dancing and she was the part of her school dance club’s advertisement. She danced with Przemek Lowicki in Poland before dancing with James Jordan in England. In the year 1999, she won Poland’s Open Championship and came at the 12th place in the same year in World Championship.
ola-jordan-bikini-images6 ola-jordan-bikini-images7 ola-jordan-bikini-images8The first dance that was recorded by James Jordan and Ola Jordon as partners was in the Dutch Open in the year 2000. However that was just an amateur dance record because they did not became professional until 2003. However her dance moves are stunning and can drive anyone crazy so as her sexy body is. You don’t believe? Check Ola Jordan bikini pictures from her official websites and other websites to get reassured of her hotness along with other hotties like Lilly Collins, Kendall Jenner and others
Ola Jordan Bikini


The couple withdrew themselves for a while for teaching Latin American dance in Hong Kong and after they missed the competition they turned professional again in the year 2005. In the Blackpool Professional Rising Stars Latin event which was conducted in the year 2006 in the month of May, the couple got the second position.
Ola Jordan Bikini Ola Jordan Bikini Ola Jordan Bikini

They acquired the third position in the British Championship for Professional Latin. Ola appeared in the fourth series of Strictly Come Dancing along with DJ Spoony in the year 2006. However they were eliminated in the third round. In the fifth series, she was partnered with Scottish rugby player Kenny Logan and her husband James Jordan was paired with Kenny’s wife.
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No matter whether she won the competition or not but she truly is a goddess of dance and knows how to move with the beat. She along with her dancing partner, her husband James Jordan did a lot of shows and took part in a lot of competitions, television series and reality shows and became very much popular amongst the audiences.

ola-jordan-thigh-images1 ola-jordan-thigh-images2 ola-jordan-thigh-images3 ola-jordan-thigh-images4She is even famous for her good looks and her talent along with her fiery bikini images that sets fire in everyone’s heart. To check more of Ola Jordan bikini photos, you can subscribe to her official page and get latest images of this beauty along with her sweetest hubby dancing with the beats and flaunting their bodies.
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