Mr. Aamir Khan has come up with perfect style to take out Revenge

When I first came to know about this, I was too shocked to know that this might even happen or not. But guys this was not falsifying, it was yet certain to be true. OK, much of a suspense. The story unfolds, Amir Khan has a pet dog, named Shahrukh.negative-roles-of-Khans

This had been the heights of taking up revenge, I mean common this is not the way that you take up revenge. He is King Khan, but this was the ultimate shock to their fans. I mean Sallu Bhai, would even have not thought of this what Amir has certainly come up with.

Controversies surround the misplaced words, some deliberate attempt at the sarcasm or a genuine intent to be a part of a controversy.

Well, we know how Bollywood celebrities love to stay in the news, whether it will be for any bad reason.aamir1_for

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There are so many Bollywood controversies that surround the news accordingly. Also, the two great stars must have to be friends, but in a case of Sharukh this is different, seems Amir has lost is two fans and that are the sons of Shahrukh. Since they are the biggest stars but getting in these controversies seems like the beginning of an eternal cold war.

Amir stated these words in an interview, “Shah Rukh is licking my feet and I am feeding him biscuits every now and then. What more can I ask for? Now, before you jump to any conclusions, let me add that Shah Rukh is the name of our dog.”

This has what has retaliated our superstar. Also, Amir is not guilty about what he has done. And he also apologized to the children of Shahrukh as he is not the person to disappoint his fans. I hope this really get settlers down as there should be no new panga among these big celebs.

Mr. Aamir Khan has come up with perfect style to take out Revenge
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