Movie Review of Kuch Kuch Locha Hai of Sunny Leone!

After a blockbuster ‘Ek paheli Leela’, we once again have Sunny leone on the big screen. But this time she does more of a cleavage show off rather than acting. Unless you are a one piece or two ­piece bikini fan or into ‘gujju’ type movies, you can definitely give it a miss.


The storyline is about a gujarati middle aged man Praveen Patil (Ram Kapoor) who is settled in Malaysia with his small family. There is his wife Kokila ( Suchita Trivedi) who is all ‘pati­vrata’ kinda woman and son Jigar ( Navdeep Chadha) who keeps day dreaming about being a rockstar.

The hotness in the movies is Shanaya (Sunny Leone). And when we say hotness, here sunny leone comes in a sizzling bikini in the very first song of the movie. She is playing the role of a Bollywood actress who is visiting Malaysia for a valentine’s contest. What could be next?



You can better guess. Praveen Patil is has a huge crush on Shanaya and literally worships her hot pics in a secret room. He wins the valentine’s contest (Well, this was sooo obvious! Duhh!! ). The next thing he does is to lure his wife to go to India and let Shanaya in, all for himself. The first part was that’s it and kinda monotonous and boring.

In the second half the film takes up its pace and what all was a hilarious mystery. The audience waited for the ending that weather Praveen convinces Shanaya to marry him or his wife, Kokila finds out his secret.

Evelyn Sharma

We have another diva in the movie, Evelyn Sharma. She didn’t lag behind sunny to show her striking hot figure. In the next item number Evelyn was all being fun and caring about a soul. For all sunny leone fans, this was like a ‘Double Dhamaka’.

Navdeep's New Look with Six Pack Body Stills

Navdeep’s New Look with Six Pack Body Stills

Two hotties competing in the cleavage show. Navdeep Chadha’s six packs were another great view for the girls. But even Navdeep Chadha’s six packs or Ram Kapoor’s family pack couldn’t make it big.


The second part gave the audience a lot of humour and not regret about buying the ticket. All in all sunny leone fans left on a happy note!


Movie Review of Kuch Kuch Locha Hai of Sunny Leone!
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