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Milica Bogdanovna Jovovich popularly known as Milla Jovovich was born on 17 December, 1975. She is an American model, actress, singer, musician and fashion designer by occupation. She appeared in numerous action and science fiction films which lead the music channel VH1 to deem her as the reigning queen of kick-butt in the year 2006. In the year 2004, she became the highest paid model in the world. This statement was according to Forbes magazine. Even the world also saw some of the sizzling Milla Jovovich hot pics.


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She was born in Kiev and then immigrated to the United States with her parents when she was five years of age. In the year 1987, she started her modeling career and she was just 12 years old. She was photographed by Herb Ritts for the cover of an Italian magazine Lei. She was also featured in Revlon’s Most Unforgettable Women advertisement in the World by Richard Avedon. She got her first acting role in the year 1988 in the movie The Night Train to Kathmandu and the same year she also appeared in Two Moon junction, which was her first feature film.

All of the movies had some of the best Milla Jovovich hot images which you will be stunned to see. She has carried herself so well and her acting is so dynamic that she soon became favorites of many. She became popular with the science fiction horror film Resident Evil which was the adaptation of a video game from the same name. She did an amazing job in the movie and with that she became a name in the film industry. You can see Milla Jovovich hot pics from the movie and they are just wow.

Milla Jovovich bikini images are also there which lets you see another side of her which is both sexy and sensuous as well. She reprised her role in the movie Resident Evil in all the five sequels. However, her acting received negative reviews but the movie was commercial success. Milla Jovovich spotted in hot bikini has stolen everyone’s heart and became the queen of action. She is even listed with other beautiful celebrities like Vanessa Hudgens, Ola Jordan, katy perry and many more for her good looks and popularity. Milla Jovovich Hot Milla Jovovich Hot Milla Jovovich Hot

You will see lots of Milla Jovovich hot pictures in social media, internet and everywhere. She has her official website where you can also see loads of Milla Jovovich hot photos which are exclusive and damn stylish. She is an active user in social media profile like Twitter and Instagram where she uploads lots of photos for her fans to see. If you also want to see her beautiful looks and stunning personality then you can follow her on social media or you can also subscribe to her official page where you can see thousands of Milla Jovovich hot pictures.

For more updates about her, keep following her social profile and search on Google and internet and you will get to know much news about this gorgeous woman.


Milla Jovovich Hot Bikini Pics | Sexy Milky Legs of Milla
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