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Michelle Yvonne Hunziker was born on 24 January, 1977. She was born in Sorengo, Switzerland and is of Swiss and Italian nationality. She is a Swiss-Dutch naturalized Italian actress, model, singer and TV host by profession. Her mother is Dutch and her father was German speaking who died of a heart attack in the year 2001. Her family moved to a suburb of Bern named Ostermundigen which is the German speaking part of Switzerland from Sorengo, Italina speaking part of Switzerland. She then moved to Milan and thought of becoming a fashion model and Michelle Hunziker hot images got her an offer.


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Michelle Hunziker Hot

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Michelle Hunziker Hot

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There she was hired by a renowned agent Riccardo Gay. She was however considered short and too heave, she posed for popular labels such as Rocco Barocco, Armani, Lovable, Fuerte Ventura, La Perla and Swish at the age of 17. All credit goes to Michelle Hunziker hot images which she shown to the agent. Her marriage with Eros Ramazzoti, an Italian singer got her Italian citizenship and she has one daughter with her marriages with Eros named Aurora Sophie. They both got separated in the year 2002 and she announced her engagement with Trussardi-heir Tomaso Trussardi in the year 013. She has two daughters with him names Sole and Celeste.

Being a mother of three, she nowhere looks like a mom. She has maintained herself quite well and that is why you can see some of the best Michelle Hunziker hot pics on the internet. Apart from that, Michelle Hunziker bikini images are also creating sensation and she looks a rock star even now. She knows how to stay fit and sexy and how to flaunt a bikini. Her body and her curves still give inspiration to many ladies out there. She is also listed with actresses who are not even married and are still young but she look s young just like them. Other actresses with whom she is listed for her beauty are Olympia Valence, Kim Kardashian, ariel winter and many more.

Michelle Hunziker Hot Michelle Hunziker Hot Michelle Hunziker Hot Michelle Hunziker Hot Michelle Hunziker Hot

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