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Melanie Janine Brown was born on 29 May 1975 in Harehills, West Yorkshire in England. She is popularly known as Melanie B or Mel B. She is an English actress, dancer, singer, songwriter, presenter, model, television personality and author. She rose to fame when she became the member of the Spice Girls, a girl group. She came to be known as Scary Spice. She also supports girl power and went on to global tours that grossed her estimate of $500 to $800 million in between 1996 and 2000. Melanie Brown hot images of the campaign are still some of her best pics.

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She began her career as a soloist and released her album I Want You Back on Virgin Records with Missy Elliot. The single hit the UK Singles Chart and then another hit album followed the success of it named Hot. Melanie Brown hot images became the cover of the albums and her music and looks both created a sensation in the hearts of the audiences. Apart from singing, she has also focused on various non-singing projects which made her a reputed presenter for shows like Party In the Park, The All Star Animal Awards and Top of the pos. she was one of the contestants in the fifth season of Dancing with the Stars.

Melanie Brown bikini look stunned many of her fans and she became a fashion girl for the industry. The internet and even her social media profile in Twitter and Instagram was also loaded with likes. People liked most of Melanie Brown hot bikini images and still like her in different attires. She has huge fan following on social media and became one of the most popular celebrities in Hollywood just like Kim Kardashian, Michelle Rodriguez, Madonna and others. She knows the secret of staying beautiful and giving fitness and beauty inspiration to her co-stars and her fans as well.

She has never let her fans down whether it is her music or her looks. Melanie Brown looks hot in all sorts of dresses and she never goes out of style. Her fashion statement is quite amazing and is followed by many of her female fans. Her songs and her popularity reached worldwide making her popular globally and she is still going great with some more awesome music. She is a mother of three and still maintains her style and fitness with utmost confidence.

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Melanie Brown Hot Bikini Wallpaper | Sexy Thigh in HD
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