Lisa Haydon Latest New Hot HD Bikini Images and Wallpapers

It has really been in since bikini has caught in Bollywood, it was not new but definitely, the actresses now are getting in share and also bold to flaunt the pics. Have a look at Lisa Haydon bikini pic.


Firstly, the actress used to seduce by flaunting off their half body parts and mostly girls were seen in sarees, which was later turned in jeans then Shorts and now bikini is the new trend. Talking about the sexy figure and bikini well it will be not justified if we do not talk about Lisa Hayden.

Lisa Hayden is known actress and also a fashion designer. She started off her career as a yoga teacher and then entered Bollywood. If few of you don’t recognize her then she is the Vijaylaxmi of the movie Queen, she was looking hot then and now and how can we forget the breath holding song, Manali trance. Lisa was first seen in the movie Aisha with Sonam. It was her first debut through the film. She was born on 17th of June, 1986 and bore the name Elisabeth Marie Hayden.

Have a look at here bikini pics, and the hot HD wallpaper. Since it is the job of the actress to flaunt their body we as their fans are waiting for the same. They are sexy, sizzling hot and talented and that is what make us envious of them, I mean the girls.

Not anyone of us can be bold enough to display our body in front of million of people but these pics are so sexy that resisting ourselves by not watch in them will be a big crime. Since her movie Housefull 3 is on the board, she is in great demand.

So we bring you the latest hot HD pics of Lisa Haydon in bikini:

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