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There’s another new member in the Kanye-Kim clan. Nori has got a little brother and everyone’s expecting big things from him. He was super famous even before being born.

Kim named the infant ‘Saint West’. But being a celebrity kid is not that easy. From contraction selfies to insanely famous aunty, everything has a price to pay. Let’s hear what the little saint has to say.

Sorry for the so many issues i have caused

Kim Kardashian didn’t had an average pregnancy. She had almost all the pregnancy complications ever studied by med students

Kim has more than 50 million followers and a huge shoe collection that could make Carrie Bradshaw feel immensely jealous. But apart for all the facade, there is a whole new level of maternal strength that is being displayed.

We all have a thing or two to learn from you Kim!




kim kardashian wallpapers


I speak through Instagram
Saint West is truly a 21st century digital baby. Kim Kardarshian uploaded a selfie on Instagram which says “Ready whenever you are lol” just some moments before the labour pain started.

So technically speaking he has as many followers as her mother and frankly this doesn’t come as a shock though. He comes from a family of Media Mavens.

What’s My Name?
Kim and Kanye had nine months to think about the baby name. The child didn’t had a name on his birth certificate for the whole three days.
The reason you ask us? Simply just because Kim and Kanye can’t put it together. ANd after the full three days they came up with ‘Saint’. Now that’s a kind of child abuse.

Are You Sure about My NAme Mama?
In the short life of Saint West, one of the most weirdest is his name. Every Kim and Kanye fan around the globe thought that they would name the baby as South West. But hellooo, we are talking about Kim Kardashian bikini here.There are almost 50 plus articles on Buzzfeed about the absurd name of Saint West.

What we do now know is that some overpaid bodyguard is need to save this kid from being beaten up in the playground for his insane name.











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Watch Exclusive Collection of Kim Kardashian Wallpapers
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