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Katy Perry, the 31-year hot singer was born on 25th October. She was born in Santa Barbara in California. This hot singer became famous for her song, I kissed a girl. Nowadays she is being seen by Orlando Bloom, this couple has been the sizzling trend been popped up into the Hollywood news. You can Also Seen Katy Perry bikini Images are more popular in google search.

Katy Perry’s achievements

After done with the fall of three records she signed Capitol in the year 2007.she released the song Ur So Gay, which was her first single and the next song I Kissed a Girl, just give it a booming blast. The album teenage dreams were launched in the year 2010.

The relation goes to the family lane

Katy Perry has now been in new with Orlando. But she kept a low profile while meeting him. Of course, she was tired due to her long journey but she was hiding from the media. Or she doesn’t want to her relationship to be revealed soon on the front page.

Orlando tale a visit to Katy while receiving her at the airport. And Katy as keen to be hand free, she carried her belongings in the bum bag. As she was quite busy describing here whereabouts to her friends, specifically to Orlando, about her trip which actually revealed out the significant step in the relation. So yes, it confirmed the rumor about Katy and Orlando’s relationship. According to one report which was published in the Mirror, Orlando chose a big show in Buckinghamshire, last Tuesday and introduced Katy to his mother.

Well, this was not all we are surely going to see more about this hot blooming couple in the further months. Katy and Orlando, look as beautiful as they are one has the magic of voice and the other is a charming actor. Hope they spread the love more and their fans will be waiting to know more about their relationship status.

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