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What is masturbation?

masterbation is  self-stimulation induces a sensation when he or she called her masturbation. The use of the word masturbation is commonly understood that the woman or the man to get the orgasm extreme of intense joy that manipulated his genitals. Means a state of extreme excitement to the ultimate extreme joy Peshyan give meat to the genitals Jisemen Angleela enters the link.


What masturbation is normal or Is masterbation good for you

Yes, masturbation and sexual self-expression is a natural self-exploration of the natural process.

Is it true that masturbation ‘right mate’ is not. And people simply fail to masturbate?

No, it is not true. According to experts, some sexual partner with those who are Hsthamathun sex – sex better when you get to know their bodies and their functions interact Kamabhiwykti is satisfied.
Masturbation is what stops the growth or baldness before age comes?

this is not right.

How does a woman masturbating?

Woman shake or rub your vagina starts, especially on your first or middle finger of his Bgsisn shakes
Sometimes one or more fingers into the vagina by inserting the portion starts to shake. G or G-spot is the point at which the vibrator, dildo or Ben Wa balls, also takes recourse, Along with many women it also rubs his Vksho, some women may also stimulate the anus, earthworms use the lubricant, but many women consider natural lubrication is enough
Ideas and thinking only of only a few women have reached the masterbation
Some women take off their legs tightly and takes so much pressure that they experience is Yunsuk
The work came to the attention of the public places without pay picks.
This action directly or vomiting while lying down on the bed women sitting on a chair, sit Kdrae is staying or Ukdu
But the action is complete without whom physical communicate not come in this category


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