Top 10 Hollywood Most Disastrous Wardrobe Malfunctions till date!

In the glam world of Hollywood, wardrobe malfunctions are like every day events. Shutterbugs go crazy over nip slips and panty flashes of Hollywood stars every year.

Here are a list of Hollywood’s most controversial and disastrous (or should I say fantabulous) wardrobe mishaps till date:

Emma Watson: The Harry Potter star faced a nasty wardrobe disaster during the premiere of The Perks of Being a Wallflower when her amazingly gorgeous Giorgio Armani gown slipped a bit revealing her tapped tits.


Lady Gaga: The Bad Romance singer is not new to nip slips and V-flashes as her ‘costumes’ have always been dangerously revealing. In the 2011 CFDA Awards, she almost fell out of her dress revealing her nipples to the shutterbugs.

Lady Gaga

Anne Hathaway: The star had an awkward pussy flash during the premiere of her movie Les Miserables while coming out of her limo. She almost had a Basic Instinct cross leg moment revealing her va-jay-jay! Not wearing any panty would give a smoother look from outside but would certainly give a nasty look from inside!



Jennifer Lopez: She is well known for her skimpy clothes during her onstage performances. Many a times her flashy highly cleavage revealing clothes have landed her in trouble on stage. In the 2015 Golden Globes her nipples played peek-a-boo from within the Zuhair Murad gown.



Selena Gomez: The singing sensation faced a tini wini nip slip when her sheered black crop top revealed a bit of her nipples to the paparazzi on 13 Oct, 2015 in New York city.



Sofia Vergara: Yet another Zuhair Murad gown leading to an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction! In the 2012 Emmy awards, her gown split open in the rear end! Thanks to her emergency team who saved her a** back then!

Sofia Vergara


Kristen Stewart: The Twilight star faced a embarrassing wardrobe malfunction in the 2014 Hollywood film awards. She wore a metallic netted crop top to the event and while being on stage with full focus on her, her dress hung a bit too low revealing her nipples!

Kristen Stewart


Kate Middleton: The Duchess has faced numerous Marilyn Monroe moments revealing her panty! Be it in the 2012 Asia-Pacific Tour or the 2011 Canada trip, the royal lady has faced several upskirt accidents in public!

Kate Middleton


Janet Jackson: Phew! This has to be the worst…I mean best nip slip ever! While performing with Justin Timberlake in Super Bowl her nipple tassel slipped which had caused a lot of hustle back then!

Janet Jackson


Nicky Minaj: A queen of nip slips is what she is! On a recent show at Vancouver, her nipple slipped out to greet the audience! She had faced a similar situation at the MTV VMAs too!!!

Nicky Minaj

While the stars claim them to be accidental but you never know, getting more media attention is in every star’s blood!

Top 10 Hollywood Most Disastrous Wardrobe Malfunctions till date!
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