10 Hollywood Celebs Cheating On Their Lovers!

It’s not always the guy who cheats; and these Hollywood female celebrities have just proved it right! Sneaking behind their boyfriend or husband, these stars went for naughty flings! While some of them regretted their spicy affairs others moved on without a word…

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Princess Diana: The royals are not far behind in cheating. She admitted to Panorama that she was having an affair with James Hewitt while being married to Charles. That’s not all..she was also seeing two other men in the 1980s while being married! That’s what is called a royal cheat!


Heidi Klum: She married Seal and had 4 kids with him. Still she had to have a fling with her bodyguard destroying her 7 years of marriage! Sigh!

Heidi Klum

Jennifer Lopez: She has proved herself to be the queen of gossips because of her numerous affairs! First she cheated on her 2nd husband Chris by having an affair with Ben Affleck. Then she had a fling with Casper Smart while being with Marc Anthony. Then again she had an affair with Marc while being with Casper! Phew! Now that has to be some record right?

Jennifer Lopez

Kirsten Stewart: Who can forget all the hustle that Kirsten’s affair with, married and father of 2, director Rupert Sanders had caused! Even though her then boyfriend Robert Pattinson forgave her for the fling after some serious arguments, they later broke up!

Kirsten Stewart

Paris Hilton: When the heiress was in a relationship with Nick Carter, she was two-timing with Chad Michael Murray. Though Nick revealed this to the public after their relationship ended, Paris never admitted to it.


Madonna: When she was married to Guy Ritchie she had an affair with Alex Rodriguez. Alex had even addressed her as his true soul mate! That’s quite a love affair!


Kris Jenner: She is the mother of all controversial Kardashians so she had to have a scandalous affair! When she was married to Robert Kardashian, she had an affair with Ryan (or Todd Waterman; only god and she knows who he truly is)! A wild sexual affair it was!

Kris Jenner

Britney Spears: The Toxic girl had an illicit love affair with Wade Robson while being in a relationship with Justin Timberlake. She has also been accused of cheating on Justin with her ex Jason Alexander by Jason himself!

Britney Spears

Meg Ryan: The star is believed to have had an affair with Russell Crowe while being married to Dennis Quaid. In her defence she said that even Dennis was cheating on her throughout their marriage! Tit for tat!

Meg Ryan-pic

Anne Heche: Anne had multiple flings… first she cheated on Ellen DeGeneres with cameraman Coley Laffoon. Then again she cheated on Coley with co-star James Tupper!

Anne Heche


Such Hollywood hanky-pankies have become regular news to us now!

10 Hollywood Celebs Cheating On Their Lovers!
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