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Hilary Erhard Duff was born on 28 September, 1987 in Houston, Texas. She is a beautiful American actress, singer and songwriter. She began her career at a very young age and was soon labeled as a teen idol for her title character in the comedy series Lizzie McGuire of Disney Channel from 2001-2004. The series was a major hit and a film adaptation was done.She is one of the popular actresses and to see more about her check Hilary Duff bikini images over the internet.hilary-duff-bikini-images hilary-duff-bikini-images1


She started working in on various projects with Disney Channel that included Cadet Kelly. In a Christmas themed album named Santa Claus Lane, she worked later and it was with Walt Disney Records. Her second album was Metamorphosis which was commercial and critical success and topped the Billboard 200. It sold three million copies in the United States only.
Hilary Duff bikini Hilary Duff bikini Hilary Duff bikini

She is not only a successful actress but also a successful musician and became a household name with merchandise such as clothing, dolls and fragrances. She also expanded her career in theatricals films such as Cheaper by the Dozen, Agent Cody Banks, A Cinderella Story, etc. along with movies; she also got enormous success in music as well. She achieved the Platinum status in the US for her achievements in music.
Hilary Duff bikini Hilary Duff bikini Hilary Duff bikini She also started appearing in independent films such as Bloodworth, War, Inc, etc. She released her novel Elixir in the year 2010 which again became a huge success by becoming the New York Times Best Seller. Devoted was the sequel to the book Elixir.
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Check how successful this lady is by checking Hilary Duff bikini photos with other popular ladies like Sabine Lisicki and Heidi Klum. She also received a lot of media attention and notable for her friendships, romantic relationships and public image.
hilary-duff-thigh-images hilary-duff-thigh-images1 hilary-duff-thigh-images2 She had romantic relationships with Joel Madden and Aaron Carter. She married Mike Comrie who is a former professional hockey player in the year 2010. She also had a son from him. They got divorced after six years of their marriage.
hilary-duff-thigh-images4 hilary-duff-thigh-images5Duff began to appear in many movies and music albums and was one of the most popular actresses. She was an inspiration to later Disney actresses Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus when they later stared acting with Disney Production. Since her debut in 2002, she sold an estimated 15 million copies.
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She was co-starred in Stay Cool of Polish brothers. The film was not that successful. In the year 2011, she got pregnant and gave birth to her first son on 20 March, 2012 who she named Luca Cruz Comrie. She got divorced from her husband in the year 2014 but decided to co-parent their son.
hilary-duff-thigh-images8 hilary-duff-thigh-images10 hilary-duff-thigh-images9No matter what her personal life was all about, but she did amaze the audiences with her performance and music talent which everyone loved. So if you think that you have seen enough of it then make sure check Hilary Duff bikini pictures on the internet with other bikini babes like Sarah Jessica.


Super Sexy Hilary Duff bikini Images | Hot Thigh Pics
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