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Gwen Stefani also known as Gwen Renee Stefani is an American woman who is a songwriter, singer and fashion designer. She was born on 3rd October 1969 in Fullerton, California, USA. She is also the lead vocalist and co-founders of the band No Doubt. The band experienced huge success after the breakthrough of the album Tragic Kingdom which was launched in the year 1995.along with the album many other singe were also released such as Hey Baby, Don’t Speak, It’s My Life. Apart from her music and voice people are also crazy about her looks and you also need to check Gwen Stefani bikini images.


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She also tried for a solo pop career with her debut album named Love. Angel. Music. Baby. Her albums were a huge commerce success. Three singes from her album named Rich Girl, What You Waiting For? And Hollaback Girl were in the Billboard Hot 100 and the last one was the number one at that time.


Stefani released her second album in 2006 called The Sweet Escape which had two successful single songs in it. The third solo album was This Is What The Truth Feels Like which was another successful album of hers.

She along with other ladies like Lisa Kudrow, Sabrina Sato has been searched in Google for their hot bodies and looks. Stefani earned three Grammy awards.gwen-stefani-sexy-bikini


She also received several accolades as a solo artist that included the American Music Award, two Billboard Music Awards, World Music Award and Brit Award in the year 2003. She also had a clothing line called L. A. M. B. for which she did a debut as well. This hot beauty is no less in any field than others and is sizzling hot. Try watching Gwen Stefani bikini pics to get reassured.

Gwen Stefani bikini

gwen-stefani-bikini-images3From 1986 to 2004 she was with No Doubt to which her brother Eric introduced her. She again returned to No Doubt in the year 2008 and worked with them till 2013. Stefani has written and sung many songs which are not only amazing but are popular and successful. Her albums are also a big hit that gained her a lot of recognition and won her many awards and accolades.


Gwen Stefani bikini

What could be better than this for a beautiful lady like her? She became a singing sensation amongst the audience for her songs which most of the time made it to the Billboard list. But besides singing she became more popular for her hot body that she flaunted in a sexy two ice bikini and the pictures are all over the internet.Gwen Stefani bikini

To see how much hot she is browse the internet with Gwen Stefani bikini photos along with other hot bikini babes like Lily James which will give you chills on your spines


The more you see the more you ask for. The same thing is with her singing too. The more you listen to her the more you want to her from her. Well this lady definitely has a voice with a body to die for.

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