When fame gets on head you become an attention seeker?

Fame and glamour brings a lot of attention with them. Actor and actress becomes use to such attention but what if this gets into head then they tend to make some publicity stunts that make their name more controversial by adding them up the limelight.

Well be it us or any other actress but loving to be in limelight is what every actress dreams of. And actresses to add much to the knowledge are such that loves to be in highlights. Well who does not like to be an attention seeker bit at what cost will that prove that this was not a publicity stunt. Well if there will be no movies and endorsements then what possible way that would be for the attention seeker. Well we all know that success has no short cut but you know what these actresses can easily make up some short cuts just to gain attention. There is no substitute for this bit we have seen them making their marks at the media. OK… can you name some? Well we will try to tell you about the five actresses who are definitely the attention seeker

Malika Sherawat


Pooja Misrra

Pooja Misrra

Rakhi Sawant


Sherlyn Chopra


Poonam Pandey

Poonam Pandey

Well Rakhi toh akhir media ki beti hai, so no doubt if she has been in news for much time she has been the most greed attention seeker. Huh… we don’t even need to write anything about her or do we? She is the self-propelled lady Bol Bachchan of Bollywood. And her hatred for Sunny Leone is really being a part of huge highlight.

Well not everyone but few have this tendency to take up short cuts, cheap and meaningless means to get publicity. But they should know what could give them publicity is there are work and performance.


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