Top 5 Most Paid Malayalam Actress Hot Photos | HD Wallpapers

Often we talk a lot about the remuneration of the actors, and what popularity do they seek. We have enough knowledge of the Hollywood and Bollywood stars let’s have a look at the south Indian spicy hit actresses too.Malayalam Actress Hot Photos


Mamta Mohandas

She is a Bangalore-bred actress who is best known for her sharp features; especially her gorgeous and beautiful eyes which can make the opposite sex go weak in their knees.Mamta Mohandas

She has earned many accolades for her stellar performances in movies like Big B and Anwar. She had even fallen prey to cancer at the peak of her career. But still she continues to be a hot favorite amongst all the actresses.

Namitha Pramod

She is though second in the list but her hit figure is extreme the best one to be awarded. She has an infectious smile, and is currently a rage amongst the youth of Kerala.Namitha Pramod

She has bold, lustrous locks and impressive oratory skills that have earned her a lot of followers amongst the youngsters of Kerala.

Ann Augustine

She is the cat-eyed beauty rose to fame with maverick director Lal Jose’s venture Elsamma Enna Annkutty in the year 2010. And from then, Ann has earned a huge fan following, thanks to her girl next door looks. However she has apparently having a very seductive way of looking that can make anyone mesmerize inside her deep woven looks. She is also praised for her top notch performances in critically acclaimed films like Artist.Malayalam Actress Hot Photos

Nitya Menen

She is a curly haired actress, who has recently made waves globally for her portrayal of Tara in Mani Ratnam’s film, Ok Kanmani. She has also appeared in dozens of Malayalam films in the recent past years and has a strong commercial backup.Malayalam Actress Hot Photos

Parvathy Menon

Well if you have been a fan of Malayalam movies then for sure you must remember the chirpy RJ Sarah of the renowned Malayalam blockbuster ‘Bangalore Days. She has a dimpled smile; the actress’s intelligence and soothing voice contribute a great deal towards Parvathy’s hotness quotient. Bit somehow she managed well with both. She has also known for switching into a different avatar for an altogether for different roles.Malayalam Actress Hot Photos

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Top 5 Most Paid Malayalam Actress Hot Photos | HD Wallpapers
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