Top 6 Bollywood Celebrity Drug Addicts

Drugs have taken and shrunken lives of many persons but who knows that there are so many actors and actresses that are trappers in the greed of drugs. Nothing is words and more fatal than this drug addiction. That does nothing than making your life future and even makes life unbearable. It pushes the life into the darkness that coming out from it becomes impossible.

We have been seeing many common people who have been living a life of misery and darkness but the article talks about the lives of our favorite film actress and actor who have been living a life of abuse. Bollywood sitaras are the role models for us but what if these stars tend to have secretive abusive habits that may lead to a big downfall in their career.Also Read: Unfamous wife of famous bollywood-actor

First comes, our chocolate boy, Ranbeer Kapoor, who knew that this cute hunk can be trapped in drugs but seems like the breakup made his fall into the pit. We all know that the world has been dealing with all the people who are been queued up for their drug abuse, and some we are ashamed to call but are the ones from the glamour industry. The working is true, All that glitter is not gold. And what is shown from outside certainly doesn’t resist inside. There are many actor and actresses who have been seeing so well and ideal but have been throat in the drug abuse. Also Check Out: Varun Dhawan Fit Shoes Govinda

This is really said because it becomes hard to see such stars ruining and ending up their career as artists. It is very scary to think our film stars ending up like this but this also proves that money and fame did shot live up to a Happy life. Have a look at some of the actors and actresses who have ended up their life in drug addiction.

Check out the Images of Celebrity which are Drug Addicts :


Ranbeer Kapoor


Susain khan


Manisha Koirala


Apoorva Agnihotri

Apoorva Agnihotri

Sanjay Dutt

Sanjay Dutt drug addict

Vijay RaazVijay-Raaz-Drug-Addiction-in-Bollywood-1024x512

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Top 6 Bollywood Celebrity Drug Addicts
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