Best Zombie Movies of All Time Detail Guide !

zombie movie all time

Zombies has been a part of West African one popular movie
Victor Halperin directed the movie White Zombie In this movie a young man is falls for a woman who is unavailable .Today zombies have become popular all over the world. Everyone is making so many movie on Zombies


28 Days Later 2002

zombie movie all time

28 Days Later is a zombie movie ,most of the people are infected with a virus and turn into zombie. After 28 days later, the city is a turn into zombie city where everyone is eating flesh and turn into zombie.


Dawn of the Dead 1978

zombie movie all time

Director Romero wrote and directed Dawn of the Dead in this movie show the growing age of zobie
Where 4 popular character trying to figh with zombie charachter and movie box office collection is estimaed $55 million


Night of the Living Dead 1968

zombie movie all time

in this movie 7 characters are trapped in a farmhouse where zombie are attacked on them .They directly not use the zombie in this movie. This movie is also most puplar movie there time

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Re-Animator (1985)
zombie movie all time

Re-Animator was one of the first zombie films which Combining horror, gore and comedy was a great move that has given rise to its own genre. This is the first movie of there time in which horror, comdey,gore are combining and produce a zombie mixing movie.This is the story of medical student who experienment are gone awary you can say this complete zombie horror-comedies


Shaun of the Dead
zombie movie all time

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