Beginning of a new trend in Bollywood

Have not we been living the chapataka music, and the masaledar stories of the Bollywood? The romance in Shahrukh’s style and fights like Sallu Bhai and the killer dance moves of Hrithik has thoroughly been enjoyed by their fans. And the B-town actresses or I say bombshells have not stepped back; their killer looks and hot figures has definitely made the movie ratings much higher. After all the glamorous part is what they hold of a section.

But disregarding all the spice and variety of Bollywood the major trend that has just leaked in are the new genre of capturing the lives of legend in the movie, which we refer to as autobiography. Yes, you got me right! The new trend has suddenly been a successful approach in stepping in. Movies like Bhag Milkha Bhag, actor in the lead role : Farhan Akhtar and Marry Kom, actress in the lead role: Priyanka Chopra has just proved their acting to be a reason that these films have been a part of so many awards.

Directors have now been focusing much on the realistic things that are to be presented in front of an audience. Autobiography of the cricketer Mohammad Azharuddin, who was accused of fixing the match and also your lovable team India captain M. S Dhoni are soon to be portrayed on the big cinema. No I mean not they themselves but actor Emraan Hashmi will be screening for Azhar and Sushant for M. S Dhoni.

Check Out M S Dhoni Trailer:


Well, it is such a great example that how they have succeeded in their lives that they are to be awarded on the big screen. The movie Azhar has been revolving around the issues of match fixing, and Emraan has quite an experience in Jannat and Jannat 2.

Azhar pic Azhar m s dhoni trailer M s Dhoni

Check Out Azhar Trailer

The next slot is for M. S Dhoni, a story of a Ticket checker turned into the captain of team India. Well that sounds huge. Hope the trailer to release soon.

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Beginning of a new trend in Bollywood
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