Watch Bar refaeli Bikini Pic of Sexy Mom

Bar Refaeli is now pregnant five months and showing off her pregnancy curves. She has recently posted Pictures on Instagram with a followers of 2.2 million. Bar Refaeli in bikini has rocked in her mis matched and the rainbow striped bikini pics. This is going to be her first child. So she was found relaxing on the beach soaking in sunshine. And still this to be mum looked sexy in the navy striped bikini.

With a sweet selfie she posted on the twitter, she showed off her pregnancy curves. But Bar didn’t let the pregnancy affected her fashion statement. She in her beautiful blonde locks has always looked stunning in bikini. She has also been awarded many times for her stylish statement. Bar being a swim suit model is in every way a sexy and hot and has a perfect body for two piece.


Bar Refaeli bikini pics are most looked after pics on the Social websites. Not only that this actress is hot and too hot in bikini but the way she carries is electrifying. Many other actress has also been caught in bikini facing the summer stroke right at them but definitely the girls in bikini have proved to yet be the hottest one.

Bar loves partying in and later she also there a party to celebrate the last days of her bacheloratte in Maldives. She showed off her perfect enticing and erotic body that was tan and the bikini well wrapped on. The two piece extremely made her look hot. No doubt being a swimsuit model she has such a gorgeous figure.

As the news strikes in that Bar has not kept her pregnancy secret but very plane instead. Also she has been really excited to be a mother as reported in an interview. She has already started with her shopping and indicated publically that this will be a baby girl.

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Hope to wish her good luck forward!Tune in for more hot pics and also for the latest news.

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