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Amber rose is a hot and sizzling model from America, born on October 21, 1983. Besides being a successful model, she is also a very well known American actress and fashion designer. With her stupendous performance in Young Jeezy’s video, “Put On’, that Kayne West got eye on her. Later, Amber appeared in the commercial for Louis Vuitton print, in which she attributed Kayne’s sneaker line. You can have an amazing look at the bold and very mesmerising Amber Rose bikini images on the internet, and like them for more.  amber rose bikini

amber rose bikini

At the delicate of 15 years, Amber started stripping, because her parents were divorced and she had to look after the family. Amber gave her sketches in the popular musical videos, “Massive Attack”, “Vacations”, “What Them girls like” and many more.amber rose bikini
amber rose bikini

In the year 2012 January, Amber got her debut single “Fame” released which portrayed Wiz Khalifa. She is the hot beauty who was gracefully raised by her parents in South Philadelphia. She has a brother, Antonio Hewlett. amber rose bikini
amber rose bikini

She is the hot beauty who was gracefully raised by her parents in South Philadelphia. She has a brother, Antonio Hewlett. She is a very popular and one among the leading faces on internet, and you can glare at the very gorgeous Amber Rose bikini photo, which will make you go crazy for her. Along with her pictures, you can look at, Zhang Yan and Sabine Lisicki, whose pictures are commendably beautiful too.amber-rose-bikini-picture-8

amber-rose-bikini-picture-9Amber’s second musical release was, “Loaded”, which gained her more popularity and she went on doing many more musical pursuits. This beautiful woman was not just destined to act and has amazing skills of being a successful entrepreneur too.amber-rose-bikini-picture-10


amber-rose-bikini-picture-11In the year 2009, Rose proclaimed her private eyewear release soon, and she went ahead opening a garment line, Rose & Ono, with her friend, Priscilla Ono. She also gave her first book published, titled, “How to be a bad bitch”, where she very boldly gave her views to women for finance, career, love as well as fashion constants, which was much loved and adored by readers.amber-rose-bikini-picture-12

amber-rose-bikini-picture-13Amber was signed for the renowned modelling agency, which was Ford Models, to run in the year 20019 and 2010. If you have to look at this beautiful personality, you can type in Amber Rose picture and browse it on the internet. You will look at how graceful and pretty this woman looks. Rose holds very strong views on her sexuality and claims that she can very well be attracted to man as well as woman. She sees love in every person, whosoever it is, Black, Indian, Spanish, white or anyone else. When she likes somebody, and likes her back, she is very comfortable to spend a beautiful relationship with that person, male or female.amber-rose-pink-bikini-picture-1

In the year 2015, Rose headed the Slut walk, based in LA, to pay tribute to every woman who is evaluated for her sexual behaviour. Currently, Rose has a kid and she is always a popular female advocate. She even participated in a dance show as a celebrity, which was the 23rd season of the famous show, “Dancing With the stars”. She was paired with Maksim Chmerkovskiy, but unfortunately, she got eliminated on the 9th place. Explore her beauty more on the internet and look at the hot Amber Rose bikini photo along with Sarah Jessica.


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