9 Hollywood Bombshells Whose Curves Kicked Skinny Out of Trend !

Getting a skimpy skinny body has always been a goal for several girls around the world. That’s mainly because they have never embraced the ineffable beauty of the curves!



These Hollywood beauties surely know that nothing is better than a sensuous curvy body:

Kim Kardashian: Kim Kardashian’s bikini look in one of the most searched looks in the world! She is proud of her sexy assets which can certainly be called a blessing from her Armenian roots. Kim Kardashian’s bikini photo shoots, her frequent semi nude photo updates on instagram and her posing nude for magazine covers speak of how comfortable she is with her body.



Scarlett Johansson: Johansson’s ravishing curves have made her one of the sexiest Hollywood celebs of all time. ‘The girl with the pearl earring’ is a timeless Hollywood beauty who carries her curves with pride!

Scarlett Johansson-bikini


Jennifer Lopez: Jenny’s neighbourhood nickname during her teenage time, was La Guittara, meaning guitar shaped. The bootylicious singing sensation is an epitome of bosomy Hollywood stars. The 43 year old mother of two is believed to have fired one of her managers for asking her to slim down.


Jennifer Lopez-bikini


Jennifer Lawrence: The highest paid actress of Hollywood is a curvaceous heartthrob who has always been proud of her sexy curves. Jlaw’s has always favoured a healthy body with natural curves over an underfed skimpy one.

Jennifer Lawrence bikini


Drew Barrymore: A round figure has never been a hindrance for Drew in her career. She is extremely gratified for the body she is blessed with and she has been quoted by leading magazine Elle I’d rather be a few pounds heavier and enjoy life than be worried all the time.”

Drew Barrymor bikini


Beyonce: When the idol of all the single ladies is damn proud of her gorgeous curves, then why are you girls starving yourself out? The bootylicious singer embraces her smoking hot natural curves and asks magazines not to brush up her images after photo shoots.

Beyonce bikini


Christina Aguilera: Guys watch her songs’ videos with their mouths wide open. Coz she owns a curvaceous body to die for! Her perfect hourglass figure makes everyone drool over her.

Christina Aguilera bikini


Sofia Vergara: The Colombian T.V. sensation and star of The Modern Family has an insanely hot mermaidian figure that drives everyone crazy! She makes her voluptuous assets her al forte.

Sofia Vergara bikini


Kelly Clarkson: Kelly not just kills us with her amazingly strong and impressive songs but also with her curvaceous body. She has said many a time that she never tries to work on her weight or body shape; she is highly contented with what she already has.

Kelly Clarkson bikini

You can also watch  kristen stewart , kylie jenner and natalie portman wallpaper of Hollywood Popular actress in Full HD Quality. Well, hence we conclude that beauty certainly lies along the edges of their curves! So be proud of your curves girls!

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