5 thing to Say what to say to someone with depression

What is depression?

The name is very depressing but depression is something when we feel not stable on our mental as well as physical health. It takes a heavy toll on the mindset of the person. A person who slips into depression does not even see that they are themselves becoming a self-consuming monster.

what to say to someone who in depression

Try not to leave the person alone. As alone a person can do anything even bad that you can imagine therefore leaving a depressed person alone can somewhat be risky and a depressed person needs to be happy and show realize that there is someone for them and someone to share their ups and downs.


Constantly remind them that it is not their fault .certainly a person goes in depression when he or she feels like there are some things wrong in their life and they cause. So one should keep on reminding them that things fall right on track.



Do not let the person lose their hope and faith. The person who is sad they just need a better company and a ray of hope to start living their life once again with new and a focused path. A person should always make to think and hear positive sentences in order to remove the negativity from their lives.

lose their hope and faith.

The person should be present with them every time. The depressed person should not be left alone and should always be surrounded by peers, friends or family so that he or she may be able to think positively and not alone.



Things changes with passage of time so the person who is dealing with the depressed person should make the former indulge in any activity so that the mind of the depressed person can be diverted.

5 thing to Say what to say to someone with depression
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