10 hollywood stars who got their boobs pumped up!

There is always a serious cold war among Hollywood celebs on who has got the better body. And the most important asset that the celebs worry about is their twins! While some have god gifted ample breasts others aren’t that blessed; hence breast implants to their rescue!

Here are a few Hollywood actresses who have had breast enhancement surgeries to get an eye-catching set of twins:

Britney Spears: The Womanizer singer earlier had an almost flat chest. But later her boobs looked bigger and ampler indicating an implant which she had when she was just a teenager!


Sarah Jessica Parker: The Sex and the City star has gone under the knife for numerous reasons…from breast implants to nose jobs, mole removal to fillers for her extra skinny hands, she has done it all! Watch Dirty Hollywood Movie Scene


Victoria Bekham: The Spice Girl had negligible As when she entered the industry. But all thanks to breast enhancements they have transformed into Ds!


Salma Hayek: The Latina was blessed with sensuous C cups and a curvaceous body. But she changed her boobs to double D which is rumoured to have cost her a whopping $10,000! But her current assets’ beauty is certainly worth it! Top Hollywood Actress Goes Topless


Christina Aguilera: Though her pregnancy and gain in weight played a significant role in increasing her breast size from lemon sized to voluminous ones, a scar under her armpit that was seen in the 2010 Tokyo promotions of Burlesque proved that she had gone for breast augmentation too.


Nicole Kidman: The Australian beauty botched up her breasts in the year 2007. Her really small boobs miraculously transformed into larger firm ones after the surgery.


Jessica Simpson: Though initially she didn’t have that disappointing tits (that were size C), after giving birth to two babies, the twins were not as perky as before! So she went for breast implantation along with breast lifting surgery.


Janet Jackson: The sensational pop star needed no breast enhancements to boost up her music career but still they hiked up her curves to give her a better look! The Super Bowl incident grabbed the world’s attention for her improved boobies.


Lindsay Lohan: Even after vehement denials of her opting for breast implants, everyone knew that her twins weren’t real. According to the rumours she upgraded her bra size when she was just 17!

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Denise Richards: The star couldn’t have got a role in the Bond movie with her tiny boobs! The flat chested blonde underwent 3 implant surgeries to get the right satisfactory size.


Everyone isn’t as blessed as Scarlett Johansson who had to go for breast reduction to divert people’s attention from her magnanimous breasts! The unblessed ones certainly owe a lot to the breast enhancement surgeons…

10 hollywood stars who got their boobs pumped up!
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